7 August 2014

Bairstow Eves operating under Countrywide Have Bought Thomas James Estate Agents amidst Spate of Buyouts

Three Nottingham-based letting agents have been acquired by two national estate agents chains.

Bairstow Eves have bought Thomas James Estate Agents and Rowell Estate Agents, whilst Frank Innes have bought Nest Estate Agents.

This is bad news for landlords, as agency transfers are invariably complex and messy affairs. With no small amount of red tape and reams of paperwork involved, it is perhaps inevitable that things will go wrong.

During transfers, communication between agencies and landlords often ceases completely. Many landlords who previously worked with Thomas James, Rowell, and Nest are now doubtlessly wondering where they stand.

Indeed, there is nothing on the Thomas James Estate Agents website  concerning the buyout, nor will you find any information on the Nest Property Group site . Worst of all, though, is the Rowell Estate Agents site , where in lieu of “property of the week” listings, you are instead greeted with the words “Agency Disabled. Please contact Expert Agent for further assistance.”

This will be confusing enough for tenants, but we cannot imagine how disconcerting this must be for landlords.

Fairview Estate Agents – Your Safe Harbour in a Sea of Change

Thomas James, Rowell, and Nest might once have prided themselves on serving the people of Nottingham. Yet having been bought out by national estate agents, their priorities will now change as they are forced to comply with orders from head office.

Not to imply that Bairstow Eves or Frank Innes offer an inferior service, but only a Nottingham based agency with in depth knowledge of the local property market can truly claim to have the best interests of Nottingham landlords at heart.

At Fairview Estates, we believe that being a landlord should not be hard work, so we strive to make things as easy and convenient as we possibly can. It is for this reason that we were voted the best Nottingham letting agents  in both 2013 and 2014. We provide a five star service, so it is no surprise that we always receive five star reviews  from our customers.

Based right in the heart of Nottingham city centre, we are ideally suited to cater to all of your needs, whether you are interested in residential, commercial, or student lets. We are entirely customer-focused, and we offer longer and more convenient viewing times to maximise viewing potential.

If you find yourself concerned, confused or frustrated by the recent spate of industry buyouts, why not switch to an estate agency you can rely on to always have your best interests in mind?

Find out why we are officially recognised as the best Nottingham estate agents. For more information on what we can do for you, give us a call on 0115 958 7791 or email info@fairviewestates.co.uk.

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