While estate and letting agents love that they’re able to help so many people find their dream homes, there are a few things that even we need help with.

From paperwork to appointments and even potential investment properties, agents have to stay up to date with and keep track of so many different things throughout their working day. Keeping track of keys is an important part of the process and should be taken seriously. That’s where Keyhive.io has been a huge helping hand.

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Using prop-tech to our benefit

Here at Fairview Estates, we’ve always tried to operate with an innovative approach in order to give our landlords the best possible outcome. That comes in the form of constant improvement of our services, looking for new ways that we can help our customers, for example, property sourcing and even introducing new technologies that make our job a little easier so that we can be more effective.

We’re proud to say that we’ve been at the forefront of property marketing and have worked hard to develop a tailored process for each of our landlords and their properties. This has meant that we’ve been able to help so many landlords let their properties to their ideal tenants and guide them through any issues that they’ve faced.

Through the help of property technology, Fairview has been ahead of the curve and streamlined our efforts so that we waste less time on the day to day and spend more time on what matters! That’s why we use Keyhive, we’re able to spend less time chasing agents and contractors for overdue keys and more time finding the right tenants and developing the best marketing strategy possible.

What is Keyhive.io?

Keyhive.io is a key tracking platform that works in harmony with your team of estate and letting agents so that they can stay on top of the keys that they use on a daily basis. The platform helps estate agents keep track of their keys and creates a system in which everything is accounted for, whether your keys are out with an agent, with the new buyers, in the office or even with contractors.

One of the issues that most estate agencies face is that their agents aren’t great at returning keys when they should be. This means that they could have a set of keys on their person that should be in the office ready for someone else to use. Without a tracking system like Keyhive, you’ll find that keys go missing or get lost too often and when you might need one most, it’ll be in someone else’s pocket. Keyhive uses active sign-in/sign-out tracking to ensure that once a key has left the office, it’s assigned to a member of staff or another person who is then responsible for its care.

This all means that there will be no more time wasted chasing people for keys, scrambling to find one for an appointment that should have already started. Instead, you’ll see an organised system that helps to promote productivity and works perfectly with your team.

Key features

There are a number of features that Keyhive brings to the table and they all help to offer ease of use, a streamlined processes and organisational skills to a team.

1. Real time tracking

Real-time tracking means that you’re able to see exactly who has which keys, when they signed them out and when they should be coming back into the office. This helps to create a mitigation system in which everything is accounted for.

2. Automatically chase keys

By automatically chasing overdue keys, you’ll be able to see which ones you need to follow up on. Whether you’ve lent your key to a contractor or it’s with a staff member both of you will get an alert showing that a key is overdue and should be returned as soon as possible.

3. One touch sign-in

Automatically date, time and signature stamped, you’ll be able to sign keys back in with just a touch. You’re able to see when keys have been brought back to your office and who dropped them off. So, no more paperwork or sticky notes that get lost, everything is stored and recorded in one place ready for you to access.

The Keyhive Kiosk

Keyhive is invested in making key management quick and easy for estate and letting agents alike. From one-touch sign-ins to real-time tracking, their aim is to revolutionise the way that agencies work.

With that in mind, Keyhive has developed a bespoke kiosk dedicated to your key management. It helps to track and trace all of your keys so that you don’t have to write don’t have to take notes, update a spreadsheet or try to find a sticky note to scribble on.

In short, if you manage a number of properties and need help with key management Keyhive can help. Head over to Keyhive.io and sign up for the early access program to get access to the platform and stay up to date with new features and integrations.