How to develop a profitable portfolio

Our Lettings Guide

Becoming a landlord can be a profitable venture and can deliver the double benefit of passive income and capital gains, here’s how our lettings service works and can benefit you.

Lettings Guidance

We’ve developed a formula from our years of experience in the lettings industry, this is how our letting service works.

An accurate valuation

Having an accurate and detailed valuation of your property is something that can have a direct impact on the letting of your property. If your valuation isn’t correct, you may be set wondering why you’re not getting any interest. Our valuation team here at Fairview Estates have the expertise to ensure that your property is valued professionally.

Preparation of your property

The things that you do in preparation for a property viewing can make or break a sale. The customer often makes a split decision the property the moment they see it and so preparing your property is important! Our professional photography service creates a brilliant aesthetic in each photo.

Proactive marketing

We’ll do everything we can to get your property up and running straightaway. You’ll have the benefit of a listing on Rightmove and viewings will come flooding in.

Fairview will take care of all viewings for you so you can simply relax. We’ll take notes and refer back to you with any feedback from ourselves and the potential buyers. Viewings can be conducted 7 days a week with the option of evenings for the potential buyer’s convenience.

Receive an offer

When someone has submitted an offer, we’ll send each an every one of them to you. With this, we’ll be happy to offer our advice and help you make the right decision. Everything we do is to give you an easy experience, a no-hassle process and complete the transaction.

Prepare your tenancy and complete!

Once you have accepted an offer we will complete the following, regardless if you select a managed or let only service:

Reference prospective tenants

Collect moving in rent & deposit

Arrange the signing of tenancy agreement & paperwork